Self weight




Silo with

Drag slat elevator

Silo with

Skip elevator



Hot mix storage silos

For batch asphalt plants, INTRAME produces two types of silos:

- Direct silos placed under the mixer with over elevated towers. According to the number of silos, loading can be done directly, through a by-pass or through a wheel mounted hopper with horizontal displacement..

- Silos besides the tower with a skip as loading system. The lower part of the skip can be folded to allow trucks passage under the mixer for direct loading of asphalt from the mixer.

These silos can be either stationary or mobile according to the type of plant

For big storages, a battery of silos can be laid out with two skips, one for elevation and another for distribution. In this case, silos can be equipped with a weighing system to control truck loading.

For continuous asphalt plants INTRAME produces stationary and mobile silos with two loading systems: drag conveyor or skip. As an option, weighing equipments to control truck loading can be offered. For big storages, previously described batteries of silos can also be incorporated.


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