Heaters and Bitumen drum melters


INTRAME oil heaters are totally automatic and incorporate a burner and a double coil heat exchanger to heat the appropriate oil up to 210º centigrade. The oil circulates through a closed circuit towards the equipment in need of heat.

Bitumen drum melters

INTRAME produces two models of melters:

- C-12 with chamber for 12 drums.

- C-16 with chamber for 16 drums.

Heaters options

Modelo Gross Power (Kcal/h) Net Power (Kcal/h) Heating Surface (m²) Light oil maximum consumption (Kg/h) Circulation Pump Litres/min Circulation Pump H.P Thermal oil volume
DSH-30 353.000 300.000 16,10 35 333 Litres/min 7,5 H.P. 337
DSH-45 530.000 450.000 21,70 52 431 Litres/min 10 H.P. 491
DSH-55 647.000 550.000 34,90 64 498 Litres/min 10 H.P. 722
DSH-65 765.000 650.000 34,90 75 614 Litres/min 15 H.P. 722
DSH-80 941.000 800.000 41,02 92 766 Litres/min 15 H.P. 842


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