Flow-Mix 220

Flow-Mix 140

Flow-Mix 100

Flow-Mix: with counter flow dryer and separate mixer

INTRAME Flow-Mix continuous plants are characterized by:

1. Aggregates are dried and heated in a counter flow drying drum.

2. Mixing is produced in a separate synchronized twin shaft paddle mixer.

The advantages are: low energetic consumption, filler control, low emissions and high mix quality.

In the continuous process, the cold aggregates are dosed, weighed, heated and mixed with the bitumen previously dosed by a mass or volumetric flow meter and with the recovered dust. The hot mix is transported towards regulation bins or towards hot mix storage silos either by a skip or by a drag conveyor.

Possible configurations

Flow-Mix Model Drum Diameter mm Drum Length mm Maximum Production t/h
100 1.600 7.315 100
120 1.890 7.315 120
140 1.890 7.315 140
180 2.134 8.370 180
220 2.275 9.010 220
300 2.438 10.080 300


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