M 280

M 200

M 120

M Series: Modular

INTRAME M modular batch plants are designed in a way that all the main elements are modules with the appropriate dimensions to be easily transported on truck or semi trailer. In addition they can be equipped with legs and load distributors that can be regulated in height avoiding concrete foundations if the soil guarantees the appropriate resistance. Hence M plants are easily transported between jobsites.

Possible configurations

M Model Mixer Capacity Kg Drum Diameter mm Drum Length mm Nominal Production t/h Maximum Production t/h
80 1.000 1.600 7.315 80 100
100 1.250 1.780 7.315 100 120
120 1.500 1.890 7.315 120 140
160 2.000 2.134 8.370 160 180
200 2.500 2.275 9.010 200 220
260 3.250 2.438 10.080 260 300
280 4.000 2.438 10.080 280 300
350 4.500 2.750 11.000 350 400

Other configurations are possible combining mixer capacities and the dryer-bag house set to adapt the plant to customer’s needs according to the moisture in the aggregates and in case of production with recycling equipments.


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